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Systems Design and Development

At NdkSys, we have extensive experience in software development from embedded systems, real-time systems to enterprise level applications and infrastructures.

As a specialist in embedded realtime systems, we offer wide range of services from rapid protyping to complete systems design and development. By using the leading techniques and tools, software development process and industry standards, our solutions and services perfectly meet the customers' requirements with on-time and cost effective deliverables.

We offer the following in Systems Design and Development:

    • Embedded Systems Requirement Analysis and Project Planning.
    • Software Algorithm Research and Design.
    • Systems Enhancements and Module Integrations.

We have the following expertises to meet customer's need for leading edge technology products:

    • Embedded Linux Kernel and Device Driver Development.
    • Embedded Linux Board Support Packages and Processor Ports.
    • Hard Realtime Operating Systems.
    • Communication Protocol Stacks.
    • Encryption and Data Security Protocols.
    • Realtime Operating System Porting.
    • Device Drivers for Windows and Linux/Unix systems.
    • Network Mangement Software Development.
    • Network Security Management and Network System Integration.
    • Database System and Web Page Development for Network Infrastructure.

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