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NdkSys released the free state machine designer for embedded software developer.The software works on Windows with .NET framework.

  • The release for Linux and Mac OSX using Mono library will be released soon.

Download C state machine designer for Windows

In embedded software domain, state machine is one of the key software components to model the system behavior. For the complex system behavior, the state machine implementation in code required significant amount of time to implement, test and verify the behavior of that system.

To facilitate the implementation of system, the State machine designer helps the software designer to design the state machine and view the state machine behavior interactively using mouse point and click.

  • The state transition is drawn using drawing tool.
  • Every state machine input/condition logics is entered using the simple interpreter system logic language.
  • The state machine can be tested with the simulation engine that testing the state transition with simple mouse point and click.
  • The input value is modified and state machine is stepped to determine next state and output.
  • During simulation, the error in state machine design will be reported such as duplicated state transition condition, state continuous looping will help the designer to avoid dead-lock and starve lock, system hang during software implementation stage.

The statistics of state machine is recorded such as the number of state count, entering, state transition counting is shown to the designer to have a better understanding of state machine implementation and its limitation.

After the designer satisfies with the state machine model, the C code to implement the state machine is generated for integration with the system software. The C code is generated in standard ANSI C that will allow the code to be compiled with ANSI C compiler.

The amount of time spent in design, implement and test the state machine will be reduced with this tool.