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uC OS-III release

For us, a long time user of uC OS realtime operating system, the
release of C/OS-III with the ability to support multi-thread with same
priority in round-robin manner is a step forward in the general
real-time operating system design. For uC OS-II, the different priority
based on bit-masking allows the kernel to run deterministically in
context switching of OS_Sched() function. With the round-robin
introduction, the ability to deterministic task switching could be
compromised when the tasks in the same priority. However, the
developers are still can use different priority is a good option to
The uC OS is simple enough to be understood fully except
for those context switching code in assembly. The OS is an option of
choice for our System Designer where the developer can define task
modules, the interaction between tasks and how the message exchanged
before the full code generation. The generated code is targeted to uC
OS tasks and packaged into the system core kernel code, the user code
is implemented in a different set of C files for the modularity of the
system code. It promises a productivity enhancement to developer time.
Watch this space for more information to come on our multi-core,
multi-thread embedded system designer tool.